Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion

There was  time when responsible fashion was the last thing on my list to ever worry about. I treated it as another trend in the industry. I understand completely why some people do not care about the environment, so this will not be another post designed to make consumers feel guilty.

I would rather discuss why, as intelligent and independent people, do we invest our hard earned money in such a miserable way?

Gabriela Romańska sustainable fashion

Why should we choose conscious fashion?

1. We all like unique things

Even if you are not conserned about the fate of the planet, you surely like fashionable and unique things. Although you can buy a great design in Zara, inspired by runway fashion, it won’t be unique as long as every other person wears it. By choosing products from conscious brands, handmade clothes, vintage clothing, we can be sure that no one else has it.

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2. Conscious fashion is cheaper.

Most people are convinced that sustainability in fashion is only about expensive ethical brands. I used to belong to that group too. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

-The most Eco-friendly clothes are the ones you already have in your wardrobe. You don’t have to buy anything.

– The Clothes you love are always sustainable. No matter what brand the product is, as long as you really like it, wear it regularly, don’t plan on throwing it away after one season, you’re acting responsible.

-Vintage and second-hand stores – you don’t have to buy in dusty second-hand stores. Find an app whre you can swap clothes or buy pre-loved items. This way, you will save some garments from being thrown away. Also, look for instagram stores that sell vintage clothes. These boutiques usually have beautiful photos, so the shopping experience is much more enjoyable.

-Handmade items- There are many small brands that sell handmade clothes and accessories. Sometimes they have only about 100 instagram followers and they offer really low prices. We all should  suport small businesses. When you buy in such places, you can be sure that no one has the same thing – how often does it happen? For me, such a product is more valuable than Balenciaga pieces.

-Good quality clothes – sometimes the quality of a product from a high steet store can be surprisingly good. This applies, for example, to leather goods from Zara or loungewear from F&F. These brands are not sustainable, but If you have to buy in such places, choose things that may last for years 🙂

3. We are what we wear

Why do we love premium brands so much? Why do we wait on sales to buy products with a specific logo?

Every marketing specialist will tell you that customers buy experiences not products, and they are guided solely by emotions.

One cannot argue with the fact that the well-known logo emphasizes social status. But what values are those brands built on? Do we want to create such image? Depending on the industry you work in, it’s not always a good move to highlight the amount of money you have spent on your outfit. There are few cases when displaying a luxury logo is appropriate.

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Maybe we should choose a logo that represents different values. If your outfit had hashtags in real life, wouldn’t it be better if they were: #ISupportLocalBusiness #EthicallyMade #NotMadeByChildren #OneOfaKind ?

It’s not about being ideal – it’s about making better decisions. Your Planet and your wallet will thank you for it.

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