Colors of 2021 – post-pandemic trends

Back in 2015, when I first started my college studies, the world of fashion and design was dominated by the ubiquitous minimalism. It was a time when instagram has turned out to be a powerful tool for influencers and it has become the main medium for brands to connect with their clients. Instagram profiles of fashion insiders had their signature look, a clean aesthetic,  proving  that “less is more”.

These were strange times when people had everything. They felt the need to organize their cluttered space and lives.

Such trends arise when nothing bad happens.

And then the pandemic happened. We have spent over a year  in our new reality, and one thing is certain: nothing is nor will be the same. It has been enough to re-evaluate everything we knew before. Our everyday life has changed, we stay at home most of the time, we seek safety in the word so unstable. The leading trends are the reflection of our needs, that’s just the way fashion works.

When the reality is gray, we seek color.

It’s just like the 80’s – we seek color. I think instagram is the best example of this tendency when it comes to fashion. It’s simplified, visual messages can be considered a “summary” of the prevailing trends. Although beige feeds are still popular among influencers, colorful profiles tend to grow faster and they are more likely to go viral.

1. @tikatheiggy

This dog influencer has over 1 million followers, which means she is making more money than any reader of this blog. Tika is an Italian Greyhound – a breed extremely sensitive to cold, so it is necessary to dress Iggys in sweaters. The owners of Tika are fashion enthusiasts and they have created a signature look for her, since she has to wear clothes anyway.

Such an unusual influencer is the result of the growing dominance of the generation called “Gen Z” and their impact on trends. These people are less than 20 years old, they do not remember the world without social media. But dont’t underestimate them! They will be the world’s luxury buying leaders by 2030, so understanding them is crucial.

2. @ciaobasia

Almost 16 000 followers, and she’s growing really fast. Basia is the Mohito’s ex-trend researcher  and the most reliable source of when it comes to trends (that I know of). She shares her professsional knowledge in a simple way, but it isn’t the only factor that caused her success. She also has a unique style and a huge love for color, which you can see in the photos below. Inspirational aesthetic +  practical tips and tricks = viral. Basia has also founded her jewelery brand: bellecosestore.com

3. @chiaraferragni

23.3 million followers – There’s no need to introduce her, she is one of the first fashion influencers in the world. Her choices are very influential when it comes to spreading trends and creating new ones. Chiara’s outfits are full of color and her style lately targets generation Z. Her instagram is full of comfortable tracksuits, neon colors, plastic accessories, i.e. pandemic comfort mixed with the styles from the 80’s.

Are you “team classic” or “team color”?

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